Mutual Consent Divorce Lawyer in Gurgaon

Professional Guidance through Marital Dissolution

A mutual divorce, also known as an uncontested or collaborative divorce, is a type of divorce where both spouses have mutually agreed to end their marriage and have decided on the major decisions that accompany divorce.

This type of divorce is substantially cheaper than a contested divorce, where both sides are not able to come to decisions amicably.

To file for a mutual divorce application in India, couples must meet the following conditions:

  • Both spouses must agree to the divorce.
  • The couple must have been married for at one year and has been living separately for at least one year before filing for a mutual divorce.
  • The couple must settle all financial obligations, including their marriage, stridhan etc..
  • The couple must settle child custody and maintenance issue (if any).

At Family Kanoon, we understand that dissolution of a marriage mutually is also a painful and sensitive matter. So, our divorce lawyers handles divorce cases with empathy. Through your divorce journey, we ensure that your divorce case is handled with sensitivity and expertise. We help our client, to end their marriage at a healthy note, which is through mutual Consent.

The Process of Mutual Consent Divorce

In mutual consent divorce, parties are saved from exhaustive legal proceedings. An expert mutual divorce lawyer creates an environment that can help both parties to find common ground on pivotal issues. Such mediation preserves the respect and dignity of both partners.

Technically the mutual divorce process in India involves;

  • Both parties must provide written consent to the divorce in way of joint application to the family court.
  • If the couple has children, they must MoS / Memorandum of settlement, which is also known as marital settlement agreement for custody, visitation, child maintenance and can also includes spousal maintenance/alimony or any property division etc.
  • The couple must appear in the court proceeding to finalize the divorce, for which they need to visit the concerned family court for minimum two times i.e., 1st motion, and 2nd motion.

Legal Expertise in Personal Law

FAMILY KANOON team's legal expertise extends across the spectrum of personal law. Regardless of whether dissolution is sought under the Hindu Marriage Act, Indian Divorce Act, Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, Foreign marriage Act., Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, or under the aegis of the Special Marriage Act, or NRI cross border disputes, our Mutual Divorce attorneys bring seasoned expertise to the table, ensuring meticulous handling of your divorce proceedings.

Our Pledge to Service

Family Kanoon is an known law firm that handles divorce cases with professionalist. Our commitment is to fulfilling all statutory prerequisites for mutual consent divorce, from enforcing the mandated separation period to certifying the irretrievability of the marital relationship.

Upholding Voluntary Consent:

At the core of our practice, at FAMILY KANOON we believe in genuine and free will, mutual consent. We stand with you to ensure that the mutual divorce agreement is established with transparency and free from undue influence.

Considerate Reflection Period:

At FAMILY KANOON we give due regard to the legal ‘cooling-off’ period, providing you with space for reflection, and remain available to support your decision-making process throughout this period.

Jurisdictional Competence

Determining the appropriate venue for filing for divorce is critical. Our legal team offers comprehensive advice on jurisdiction, whether based on your last shared residence, the location of marriage, or the current residence of the wife, or where the couple lastly resided as husband and wife together.

Advocates in Mutual Consent Divorce

Family Kanoon is a leading legal firm that believes in ethical practices. Our divorce lawyers are skilled in facilitating amicable resolutions, combining legal knowledge with a conscientious approach.

Legal Strategies:

Recognizing the uniqueness of each marriage, we tailor our legal strategies to suit the specific needs of our client’s situations. Our team always ensures a process that is as seamless and straightforward as possible.

Dedication to Serenity:

Our support transcends legal counsel. We are committed to providing you with the clarity and calm you deserve as you transition to a new phase in life.

Mutual divorce in Gurugram with Family Kanoon

Choosing mutual consent divorce is a decisive step towards a positive future. Engage Mutual Consent Divorce Lawyer, who must be your trustworthy legal partners. We strongly honor this significant transition with the dedication and respect our client rightfully deserves. We are among the top Mutual consent divorce lawyers in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. We are serving as mutual consent divorce lawyer for our domestic as well as NRI clients.

This is a general overview, and the specific details of any family law issue can be intricate. If you or someone you know is facing a family law / family kanoon matter in Gurugram / Gurgaon Haryana, India, consulting with an experienced attorney is recommended.